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February 18, 2009

Jon-Don Offers Training Manuals for Building Service Contractors

In addition to great products, Jon-Don has developed comprehensive training manuals that offer step-by-step instruction on how to perform the most common, on-the-job duties for building service contractors. These manuals are ideal for training new staff members quickly and efficiently.
Wood Floor Care Basics – This instructional guide delves into the world of wood floor care. Through full color illustrations and detailed explanations, technicians will learn how to properly clean, restore, and maintain wood floors of any size. From small residential wood floors to full-size gymnasiums, the tips and techniques in this manual cover it all.
Basic Restroom Maintenance – Through colorful pictures and clear instructions, technicians are taught the proper steps for cleaning a public restroom and preventing cross contamination. From the best method of cleaning mirrors and restocking dispensers, to the ideal products to use for disinfecting toilets and urinals, this manual covers everything janitorial staff need to know. Written in both English and Spanish.
The Life Cycle of Floor Care – Maintaining commercial flooring is an important and lucrative business for building service contractors. With step-by-step instruction, plus a full list of recommended equipment and products, technicians will learn not only how to clean, restore, and maintain most hard surfaces, but also why regular maintenance programs are essential in prolonging the life of hard floors. Written in both English and Spanish.
Basic Cleaning Techniques – Learning to become a professional custodian or housekeeper can lead to a rewarding career, a job that is crucial to the image of the facility as well as to the health of all who enter the building. As with any job, one must first master the basics before taking on more challenging tasks. The lessons in this guide offer time-saving techniques and simple descriptions on how to perform basic cleaning tasks such as mopping, dusting, wiping, and removing trash. There is even a handy guide on understanding dilution ratios. Written in both English and Spanish.
Best of all, these manuals are offered to building service contractors at absolutely no charge. To request a free copy, contact Jon-Don directly at 800-556-6366.
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