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JohnsonDiversey launches Daylight Cleaning™ program

March 24, 2009
STURTEVANT, WI — JohnsonDiversey announced the launch of Daylight Cleaning, a new component of the company’s comprehensive Sustainable Facility Care program, through a partnership with DCS Global Enterprises LP, a leading provider of daylight cleaning consulting services, according to a press release.
Daylight Cleaning can reduce lighting, heating and cooling at night, and improves customer satisfaction by making cleaning staff available during peak working hours, providing building occupants with the service they request when they request it, the release stated.
JohnsonDiversey President and CEO Ed Lonergan said: “Our goal is to not only practice sustainability in all we do, but to help our customers become more sustainable in their operations. Daylight Cleaning will help our customers achieve significant, measurable reductions in energy use and greenhouse gas emissions."
DCS has been successfully converting buildings to Daylight Cleaning since 2003, resulting in energy savings, reducing cleaning staff turnover, increasing building security and decreasing light pollution, the release noted.
By switching to Daylight Cleaning, JohnsonDiversey expects to reduce building energy usage by 25,000 kilowatts per month and reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by 25.6 metric tons per year, the release added.
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