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JohnsonDiversey emmissions reduction release

November 6, 2009
STURTEVANT, WI – JohnsonDiversey today announced a commitment to triple its reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions under the World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) Climate Savers program.
The company’s original industry leading pledge of an 8 percent reduction, made in 2008 when it joined the Climate Savers program, is now 25 percent and will be achieved in the originally committed timeframe ending in 2013. This makes JohnsonDiversey one of the first Climate Savers partners to substantially increase its commitment to reduce GHG emissions. The company will invest an estimated $14 million to achieve the emissions reduction and will capture cost savings of approximately $32 million.
The achievement of this goal will come from operating efficiencies and targeted actions across every aspect of the company – manufacturing, distribution and general commercial operations. It will not be achieved through the purchase of green energy, utilization of another source’s offsets or the sole reliance on installation of the latest technologies.
JohnsonDiversey Chairman S. Curtis Johnson said the company’s involvement in Climate
Savers and its revised target of 25 percent reflects how seriously the company takes its heritage of environmental leadership.
“Our commitment to further reduce our GHG emissions and go beyond the initial pledge we made when becoming a Climate Savers member demonstrates our company’s passion for providing a cleaner, healthier future for the world,” Johnson said.
In announcing the new commitment during a Web-based forum jointly sponsored by Greener World Media, JohnsonDiversey President and CEO Ed Lonergan said, “We’re taking an important leadership role in addressing climate change. Our customers want to know how their suppliers are reducing emissions and how we can work with them to improve their environmental performance.”
WWF President and CEO Carter Roberts said the increased commitment from JohnsonDiversey serves as a strong example to other companies that it is possible to achieve business growth while reducing carbon emissions.
“By tripling their emission reduction goals, JohnsonDiversey is showing business leaders and political decision makers that addressing climate change is also really good business,” said Roberts. “JohnsonDiversey and our other forward-thinking Climate Savers partners are leading the charge toward a healthier, more sustainable economy.”
JohnsonDiversey is one of 22 companies committed to Climate Savers. In March, this alliance of companies announced an estimated 50 million tons of voluntary emissions reductions after a decade of action. These reductions are equivalent to taking over 11 million cars off the road or the annual emissions of Switzerland. JohnsonDiversey has joined other Climate Savers members in supporting the “Let the Clean Economy Begin” campaign, which aims to persuade decision-makers at the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen in December to deliver an ambitious, fair and effective agreement to cut global greenhouse gas emissions.
EDITORS NOTE: A replay of the Web-based forum featuring JohnsonDiversey President and CEO Ed Lonergan’s remarks related to the new Climate Savers commitment can be found at the Greener Buildings Web site at

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