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JohnsonDiversey donates $1 million for water stewardship

August 21, 2009
STURTEVANT, WI — The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has accepted a four-year $1 million grant from JohnsonDiversey Inc. to support establishing global standards for water stewardship with the goal of addressing the global threat of water stress, the increasing pollution of rivers and a decline in freshwater wildlife species, which is being convened through the Alliance for Water Stewardship, according to a press release.
When finished, these new standards will seek to recognize and reward water users who take steps to minimize the impacts of their water use on people and the environment, the release stated.
Curt Johnson, chairman of JohnsonDiversey and a member of WWF''s board of directors, said: "JohnsonDiversey is pleased to support an initiative that addresses one of the world''s most urgent conservation issues. Preservation of a vital natural resource such as fresh water is central to our commitment to pursue a cleaner, healthier future for the world."
In addition to funding the WWF''s work over four years, the company''s water management experts will also provide technical and operational input to establishing the new standards, the release noted.
JohnsonDiversey is a member of WWF''s Climate Savers Program and supports WWF''s Freshwater Science Program, the release added.
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