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January <I>Cleanfax</I>: The BEST of the BEST

January 5, 2010
The January issue of Cleanfax® magazine is now available online, featuring David Gruttadaurio''s "The BEST of the BEST" article.
Gruttadaurio states that your clients don''t think about you all day or dream about you at night; they have hectic lives and most likely are too busy — or lazy — to refer you to others.
He notes that there are two main reasons businesses may find themselves receiving limited referrals: Top of consciousness is missing and Accidental Referral Syndrome.
Gruttadaurio adds that a relationship with your customer is very important, but it doesn''t necessarily guarantee they will provide referrals.
According to Gruttadaurio, there are basically two keys to unlocking a steady stream of the "BEST of the BEST" clients: A referral rewards program and building your program into each transaction.
David Gruttadaurio has been a cleaning industry entrepreneur for 30 years. He is the editor of Exceptional Living newsletter, a print customer relationship marketing tool. Gruttadaurio provides consulting services to multiple industries on how to create more profits, generate more referrals and get more clients for life. For more information, go to
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