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Janitors strike against unfair labor practices

July 1, 2011

LYNN, MA — Complete Cleaning employees held a 24-hour strike and picket on Monday in protest of retaliatory firings and other illegal labor practices, according to the Lynn Journal.

After months of illegal retaliation for their efforts to form a union and improve their working conditions, the Complete Cleaning employees who clean the General Electric (GE) plant in Lynn finally took action, the article stated.

According to the article, employees have also reported several wage and hour violations, including not being paid for overtime hours.

"After all these years of hardwork, I was still making $8 an hour with no benefits. When the manager fired me, he said, ''This is because you support the union.'' We are on strike because we will no longer be treated like the trash we clean," said Antonia Chun, a contracted janitor at the GE plant for 12 years recently fired for her union activities.

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