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Janitors are jaded from always getting the raw deal

November 6, 2009
SAN FRANCISCO — Janitors at San Francisco State University (SFSU) are breaking the silence and voicing their displeasure with comparatively marginal raises and, in this latest case, a pay decrease, according to the Golden Gate Xpress.
The janitors, members of the California State University Employees Union (CSUEU), say they receive pay increases around 2 percent while other university workers such as administration, groundskeepers and health care workers see wage increases upward of 10 percent, the story stated.
Emma Bautista, an SFSU janitor, said: "We are the people that serve you in your restrooms and classrooms but we are not the people getting increases. Now with the budget being a problem we were just cut 10 percent. With the constant salary mismanagement and the ten percent budget cut it''s like taking away everything I have saved since I have been here."
According to Ray Victoria, a janitor at SFSU, when there are salary increases, the janitors are given raises on the lowest scale, but when there are budgetary crisis, they always receive pay cuts.
The CSUEU has called for a stop to further wage cuts for janitors, but because many of the janitors represented by the union work second jobs, their demands are rarely heard due to low turnout at rallies, the story noted.
The janitors were recently asked to vote on furlough days under the impression their approval would save jobs and cease wage decreases, but when the vote passed, 11 janitors were laid off, the story added.
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