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Janitorial services could be outsourced to inmates

March 6, 2009
MARYVILLE, MO — Plans are in the works to have janitorial services in Nodaway County outsourced to inmates, according to the Maryville Daily Forum.
Last week, Sheriff Darren White revealed plans to use inmates to perform janitorial, lawn care and other cleaning and maintenance services inside and out of county buildings, the story stated.
Sheriff White said: "If I went in the jail and asked if those guys wanted to go outside and work, they''d all be for that just for the opportunity to go outside. Obviously, there are some inmates we wouldn''t offer this to, but a lot of them could."
Aside from the opportunity to go outside, inmates will be offered other perks like sodas and smoke time; the Sheriff is also looking into using the program to help inmates pay off court fees, the story noted.
According to the story, Sheriff White believes inmates could help make county buildings look nicer, especially after last year when a few county residents complained about weeds growing and the courthouse lawn not being maintained.
Plans for the program are not finalized, but the Sheriff hopes to have inmates working outside and in county buildings by this spring, the story added.
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