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Janitorial owner wins millions in lottery

February 9, 2010

ASHEVILLE, NC — Janitorial business owner and retired fireman Frank Griffin was the sole winner of a $141 million Powerball lottery jackpot in the North Carolina Education Lottery, according to WBT-AM.

According to the story, Griffin opted for a $69 million cash payment and will end up with about $47 million after paying taxes on the winnings.

Griffin doesn''t have big plans for the money and doesn''t expect his life to change much, save for a trip to Hawaii, more games of golf and more time spent with his wife and family, the story stated.

Griffin said: "I may get us a new house later, but I really want to spend more time with her and my grandchildren."

Griffin, who has owned a janitorial business for 40 years, said he may leave the business to his children, the story added.

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