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Janitor named 'environmental hero'

January 14, 2010

DANVILLE, IL — The head janitor at Danville High School and energy specialist for Danville District 118 Schools was recently recognized for his efforts to save energy in the district’s 13 schools, according to the Commercial-News.

Earning him the nickname "Cutback Jack," Jack Harrier marches through the corridors of district buildings searching for ways to save energy and cut down on waste, the story stated.

Harrier said: "People look at this job and say it''s easy. I put a pedometer on a little while back and at the end of the day I had walked 14 miles. This program wouldn’t work without my staff and everyone in the district cooperating. It takes everybody."

Harrier, who received Energy Education training before receiving a state award from Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, has helped save the district about $1.2 million by implementing energy saving programs, the story noted.

According to the story, Harrier has been known to walk the vacant halls of district buildings in the middle of the night to see if lights or equipment have been left on.

Harrier helped secure the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency''s (EPA) coveted ENERGY STAR rating for 11 of the district’s buildings, and for his efforts, Danville District 118 Schools are viewed as an example of quick energy savings success, the story added.

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