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Janitor jobs in jeopardy once again

May 14, 2010
COLUMBIA, TN — The fate of more than 50 custodial jobs at Maury County Public Schools could rest on one person''s vote during Thursday''s school board meeting, according to The Daily Herald.
The board came within a single vote in April of outsourcing cleaning services to Cleveland, Ohio-based GCA Services Group, but three board members were absent, the article noted.
According to the story an affirmative vote from any of these three board members could put the proposal over the top and secure the votes needed for passage.
Supporters say outsourcing custodial services will save up to $500,000 annually that could be used in the classroom.
"I believe firmly that we are in the business of educating students," said board member Daniel McCulley, one of the measure''s chief supporters. "That''s what we do best. There are companies that do other things...that can do just as good a job at it and save us some money while doing it."
Opponents argue it will cut loyal workers who have dedicated their lives to the school system and are trusted by the community to be safe workers who care about children, the article stated.
Under the proposal, 68 full-time custodians would be cut from the district''s payroll, while 12 janitors would be retained at the request of principals.
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