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Janitor arrested for allegedly trafficking drugs

October 12, 2009
NEW ALBANY, IN — A janitor with the New Albany-Floyd County Consolidated School Corporation has been arrested and accused of trafficking narcotics on school grounds, according to WLKY-TV.
Victor Cousins, who was also charged with resisting arrest, was caught during a sting operation by New Albany Police at Scribner Middle School where he and an accomplice, Marshall Ellis, purchased $600 worth of cocaine and sold it before returning to work, the story stated.
Because the alleged crime occurred on school grounds, Cousins, who pled not guilty, faces an enhanced charge of dealing cocaine, a Class-A felony that carries a sentence ranging from 20 to 50 years, the story noted.
According to his arrest report, Cousins admitted dealing drugs to police and said he had a very bad cocaine problem and needed help. The arrest reports also said Cousins admitted to doing a couple of lines of cocaine during the drug deal before returning to work.
According to the story, Cousins, who served a year probation for possession of a weapon without a license in 2003, is being held on $100,000 bond.
New Albany-Floyd County School Assistant Superintendent Bill Briscoe said: "At the time of [Cousins''] employment in 1989, the district did not conduct background checks. Currently, we conduct local and national background checks that conform to Indiana Code before hiring any employee."
Because Cousins worked after-hours and had no contact with students, school officials felt it unnecessary to notify parents and guardians of the incident, a move that has left many upset, the story added.
Michelle Baird, whose daughter attends Scribner Middle School, said: "I don''t want her to come back. If they''re not going to inform the parents of things going on like this, then, what else are they keeping from us?"
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