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Janitor accused of stealing from students' lockers

June 2, 2010
ASHLAND, MA — A janitor at Ashland High School is accused of stealing iPod Touches, $900 cash and other items from students'' bags and lockers, offices and classrooms during gym class and team practices, according to WBZ-TV.
After students reported thefts around times they had seen Wesley Jarrell, 22, in the girls'' locker room, officers put the locker room under surveillance, encountered Jarrell, confronted him and he confessed, the story stated.
The thefts of which Jarrell''s accused date back to late January and involve at least a dozen victims, the story noted.
Ashland police say Jarrell told them he was "dealing with some personal issues such as money problems as well as a medical problem," but did not say what it was, the article added.
According to the story, Ashland police have sent out a reverse 911 call asking anyone who believes they were victimized by theft at the high school to call the police department.
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