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Jaguars fans remember 'Superman'

December 22, 2010
INDEPENDENCE, MO — Hundreds of Superman T-shirts were in the crowd, on the bench and behind the scorer''s table as Blue Springs South administrators, coaches, students, teachers and players paid a special tribute to South custodian Lonney Garrett, who passed away December 8, according to The Examiner.
The Blue Springs South gymnasium looked more like Metropolis, the fictitious home of Clark Kent/Superman Friday night as the Jaguars played host to Fort Osage, but there was nothing fictitious about the love the Jaguars had for their own superhero, the article stated.
"Get this — I''d have to tell him after a long day of work, ''Lonney, go home or you’re fired.'' We''d both laugh, and he''d just go right back to work. I don''t know if I''ve ever been around anyone who loved his job or this school as much as Lonney," said Activities Director Mark Bubalo.
When students found out about Garrett''s sudden passing, they wanted to honor their late friend, the article noted.
"Someone came up with the idea of Superman T-shirts, because Lonney always wore this Superman belt buckle," Principal Randy Dowell said.
According to the article, T-shirts were ordered and the school sold more than 300 of them at $10 each.
Next week, the school is going to present Garrett''s family with a check for $3,700, which includes donations from administrators and faculty members, the article added.
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