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ISSA table moderator release

October 1, 2009
CHICAGO — Don''t miss an great networking opportunity and a free lunch compliments of the ISSA.
The International Custodial Advisors Network (ICAN) is assisting the ISSA in identifying industry professionals who can serve as table monitors at the Thursday, October 8 networking lunch on the Show Floor in Booth 5236.
Table Leaders are asked to simply help start the dialog and keep it moving, as well as provide any professional insights you may have on the topics the table tend to gravitate toward.
Here''s the deal: Arrive by 11:15 a.m. at Booth 5236, Thursday, October 8 where the lunch will be held.
You will need to pick up a nametag, program of starter questions, select a table and allow us to answer any questions you may have. Attendees will begin to arrive about 20 minutes later.
The program of starter questions helps you kick off discussions if your table does not start firing away right off the bat.
You will have a high mix of in-house and contractor attendees; however, some distributors and exhibitors may be in the crowd as well.
There will be about 200 individuals at the lunch and they select where they choose to sit as they stream in.
We will provide a free lunch for our table leader volunteers. I just need an e-mail confirming you will participate by Friday, October 2 to ensure we have you on our list to receive a ticket when your badge prints out at registration.
If you have further questions call Dianna at (414) 737-1433 or contact Bill Griffin at or (206) 849-0179.