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ISSA and CIRI begin standard development

July 19, 2012

LINCOLNWOOD, IL — ISSA and the Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI) have begun the process of developing a Clean Standard for K-12 schools, according to a press release.

The standard will ultimately promote clean and healthy indoor environments in educational facilities across the nation to the benefit of children’s learning experiences, the release stated.

"ISSA is excited to see yet another initiative begin to bear fruit in the organization''s overall goal of changing the way the world views cleaning," said ISSA Executive Director John Garfinkel.

"Funding provided by the ISSA Foundation put us in a unique position to do the research — we are now ready to marshal the resources of ISSA, CIRI and the industry to develop, promote and implement the first science-based cleaning standard in this market," Garfinkel added.

According to the release, after recently completing three years of extensive field research, both organizations are proud to say that the scientific research team, under the tutelage of renowned scientists Dr. Eugene Cole and Dr. Richard Shaughnessy, has completed collection, analysis and verification of the data necessary to support a Clean Standard: K-12.

A 27-member development committee comprised of a diverse group of stakeholders from the educational, facilities management and cleaning industries will review the research data and specify quantitative and qualitative levels of cleaning acceptable in the standard, the release noted.

The Clean Standard: K-12 will be performance-oriented (i.e., focused on results) and non-prescriptive (i.e., not favoring any particular cleaning products or processes), the release added.

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