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Interlink Supply press release

June 24, 2010
Interlink Supply Distributors Equipped with More Tools at 2010 Conference To Help Cleaners and Restorers
Interlink Supply Distributors representing over 60 Interlink Supply locations converged on the the Swiss themed Zermatt Resort in Midway, Utah which served as the location for the 2010 Interlink Supply Distributor Conference June 15-17, 2010. The jam packed program provided distributors with a plethora of additional tools and products to help their local cleaning and restoration customers survive and thrive during these challenging economic times. In addition, the members of the Interlink Supply Distributor Network held their annual meeting and elected Kristen Bonwell of Interlink Supply by Advantage Marketing as the chairperson of the Interlink Supply Advisory Board.
Attendees were presented with information about commercial cleaning initiatives, diversification opportunities for their customers, and an update on all of the educational programs available for cleaners, restorers, and remediators. Vendors such as Bridgepoint Systems introduced four new chemicals, and they learned about upcoming products from Tes Drying Systems, Hydro-Force Manuafacturing, Omni-Pro Restoration, and Spinergy Stone Care Solutions. The annual vendor day was a rousing success as members talked and learned about the latest products from every one of Interlink Supply’s vendors. In addition to new products, newly available financing programs through Interlink Financial Services were announced, providing every Interlink Supply location with additional opportunities to finance major purchases to help customers prepare for a recovering economy.
The 2010 Interlink Supply award for outstanding overall sales performance was presented to Mike Wheatley of Interlink Supply by Cleaner’s Closet. The Per Capita Sales Award was presented to Bill Hasch of Interlink Supply by Express Distributing.