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Influenza outbreak halves student attendance

November 3, 2010
TORONTO — A menacing outbreak of influenza has caused roughly half of the 600 students at St. Gregory Catholic School to fail to show up for classes, according to the Toronto Sun.
About a dozen staff from the school also reported flu-like symptoms and were urged, along with the hundreds of sick students, to refrain from attending classes until they stop exhibiting symptoms for at least 48 hours, the story stated.
St. Gregory Catholic School Principal John Cassidy said: "Due to the high absenteeism rate, Toronto Public Health has been contacted. As a precautionary step, the Toronto Catholic District School Board health and safety department and the maintenance department have been notified as well."
Additional custodians have been brought into the school to ensure that a thorough cleaning and disinfection is performed throughout the building, the story noted.
Students, staff and parents have all been reminded of the critical importance of proper hand hygiene, including frequent and careful hand washing, in curbing the spread of influenza and other viruses, the story added.
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