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Illinois green cleaning release

May 28, 2009
CHICAGO — On May 14, both Houses of the Illinois General Assembly passed HB 2437 which would require every state owned building to establish a green cleaning policy.
All such facilities must purchase and use environmentally sensitive cleaning products that are in compliance with the Illinois Guidelines and Specifications for the Green Cleaning for Schools Act.
The Illinois guidelines and specifications rely upon the U.S. EPA Design for the Environment, Green Seal and Environmental Choice (EcoLogo) in qualifying as "green" the following cleaning product categories: Bathroom cleaners, carpet cleaners, hand cleaners and soaps, general purpose cleaners, and glass cleaners.
The guidelines also rely upon Green Seal and Environmental Choice in addition to the EPA Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines in qualifying certain jan/san paper products as environmentally sensitive.
The Illinois bill would allow State buildings to deplete their existing cleaning and maintenance products prior to transitioning to a green cleaning program.
In addition, State buildings can opt out of implementing a green cleaning program if it would not be "economically feasible" for the building.