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IEHA release

July 22, 2010
Westerville, Ohio — IEHA has announced that the prospectus for its High Performance Cleaning Product (HPCP) Testing Program in conjunction with the University of Massachusetts Lowell has been finalized and is available for download.
IEHA’s High Performance Cleaning Product (HPCP) Program tests, verifies performance, and helps promote hard surface cleaning products with green attributes to enable selection of those that effectively clean a range of building and environmental surfaces. While green certification programs (e.g., Green Seal, EcoLogo, etc.) do include basic product performance and efficacy criteria as part of an overall environmental review, these organizations, while laudable, emphasize multi-attribute eco-factors more than comprehensive cleaning criteria.
To fill this gap, HPCP rigorously targets the cleaning performance of greener products, taking testing to a higher level through application of realistic soils on surface materials likely to be found in actual facilities (e.g., white boards, stainless steel, textured or composite countertops, etc.) This provides end-users with practical test data they can use to improve their specific cleaning situation, and suppliers with lab-based verification of product efficacy under specific, challenging and real-world circumstances.
Tests can also be customized to focus on surfaces and soils most likely to be encountered in specific environments such as schools, gymnasiums, theatres, and more.
Click here to download the HPCP Prospectus.
For more information, contact Beth Risinger at IEHA:
International Executive Housekeepers Association (IEHA)
(800) 200-6342 or (614) 895-7166
IEHA, 1001 Eastwind Drive, Suite 301
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