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ICRA release 3.30

March 30, 2012

ICRA (Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Association) Names New Executive Director and Management Company

Denver, CO — The Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Association (ICRA) has agreed to a long term management contract with Meetings and Events, LLC from Denver Colorado. The contract was effective March 15, 2012. The non-profit corporation started operations this week and six national and regional associations have signed agreements to join the new Association.

Larry Cooper will serve as Executive Director and will be responsible for the daily business operations for ICRA. Jillian Olson will serve as the Membership Director and oversee member services, electronic media, communications and scheduling for the regions.

ICRA will operate from eight regions throughout North America. There are currently over 820 members of the newly formed organization.

Cooper will focus his efforts on adding member benefits and growing the existing regions while expanding ICRA’s advanced education and consumer marketing offerings to the members in.

Craig Kersemeier is serving as an interim President of ICRA with other interim officers including: Gary Glenn and Jim Holland serving as Vice Presidents, Edward Hobbs is serving as Treasurer and Andrew Conklin is serving as Secretary. ICRA will be recruiting a team of technical experts and volunteers to help with the development of educational programs and workshops.

Larry Cooper said that “The office will be up and running April 1, 2012. The website ( and toll free phone (888-795-5891) will be up within a few days of the office opening. We are very excited to be involved in the development of ICRA, it has been in discussions and planning for 30 years. The Regional Representatives and the Meetings and Events team will be working on primary service functions first, including: membership benefits package with communications, technology, technical services, insurance coverage, workshops; Advanced Education Programs, industry representation related to issues affecting the industry including governmental affairs, consumer marketing and referral network and business services. Once the primary services are up and functioning additional programs will be added.”

ICRA will open April 1st for business and accept membership and volunteers. Please watch for additional information in the coming weeks.