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September 25, 2009
IAQA Launches Member-only Listserv
ROCKVILLE, MD — In September, IAQA launched a tremendous new benefit designed to bring a wealth of technical advice and problem-solving information to members.
The IAQA Listserv is now open exclusively to members of the association.
A Listserv is used to communicate simultaneously with fellow Listserv members. When e-mail is addressed to a special Listserv email address, it is automatically broadcast to everyone subscribed to the Listserv.
Subscribers to the list have the option of receiving every Listserv email sent by users of the service, or receiving a daily digest that organizes all posts from the preceding 24 hour period.
E-mails or posts sent to the Listserv are maintained in a permanent archive accessible only to IAQA members.
Within days of the Listserv launch, hundreds of IAQA members signed up. Insider tips, industry news and healthy debate on a variety of topics takes place on a daily basis.
To join the IAQA Listserv, first become a member of IAQA. Participation in the Listserv group is a benefit of membership.
If you already belong to IAQA, you can join the Listserv by sending a blank email to