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IAQ inspections not performed

April 27, 2012

HOUSTON, TX — Despite written documentation to the contrary, Sam Houston State University does not perform routine inspections for indoor air quality (IAQ) such as mold and other harmful substances on any of its buildings, according to The Houstonian.

The Indoor Air Quality Management Plan says an IAQ coordinator has responsibilities, which include: Maintaining IAQ records including, "IAQ complaints and resolutions; and documentation of any maintenance, repair or remodeling activity that could adversely impact indoor air quality," the article stated.

According to the article, these tests are not performed because they are not mandated by law.

"If there''s a complaint, if there''s something that we know that is wrong, then we respond to that," said Mark Shiflet, university safety coordinator.

Julia May, associate director of communications and public information officer, said the staff looks for any indications that there are problems with air quality as part of the routine inspections; however, there is no record of these inspections, the article noted.

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