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<I>Top Ten Ways to Stay Healthy at Home, Work or School</I>

September 10, 2009
HAMILTON, OH — Because many people overlook practical steps to help protect their health, Kaivac Inc. has offered some commonsense tips to stay healthy this flu season by preparing the Top Ten Ways to Stay Healthy at Home, Work or School, according to a press release.
Some suggestions include: Proper hand-washing; using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer; getting your flu shot; and properly disposing used tissues in toilets instead of trash receptacles, the release stated.
The Cleaning Industry Research Institute reports that squeegee-based flat surface cleaning systems can eliminate more than 99 percent of all germs and bacteria on desk surfaces, so it is critical that custodial workers regularly and hygienically clean desks, kitchen counters, door knobs and other surfaces, especially high-touch surfaces, the release noted.
Restrooms are high-risk environments, especially during an outbreak, so they should be hygienically cleaned on a frequent basis, the release added.
According to the release, everyone should stay alert and listen to credible sources on how to stay healthy through this challenging period because none of us have to be another victim or become a statistic.
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