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HydraMaster release 4.17

April 17, 2012

HydraMaster is hosting the “Marketing Gems - Money in the Bank Contest” for Professional Cleaners and Restorers on their Facebook Page

Doyle Bloss, the Marketing and Brand Manager for HydraMaster, is pleased to announce a new contest at the HydraMaster Facebook page that is open to any cleaning or restoration professional. The Marketing Gems - Money in the Bank contest encourages professional cleaners and restorers to post one of their best marketing ideas that have worked for their company on the HydraMaster Facebook page. In return, all entrants receive a free HydraMaster – Performance Comes Standard T-Shirt. In addition, there are prizes for the top three entries that range from a $500 gift card to a free spotting machine. Bloss stated, “One of the things we thought about as our customers continue to push ahead in a difficult economy is how we could do something tangible to provide assistance. Good marketing ideas from their peers, that are proven to work in the present economy, were something we thought just about every cleaning and restoration professional could use to continue to grow their business. The contest is kind of like having a free, open, roundtable discussion on-line, that you can access at your convenience.”

Each entrant will be asked to provide one specific marketing idea, tip, or message they feel has benefitted their company the most. The idea can be presented in written form, or in an uploaded video that are posted at the HydraMaster Facebook page. The company is even willing to help companies enter who are not active on Facebook. Bloss continued: “For those who do not actively participate on Facebook, or even those who just need some help with the technical details, all they have to do is send us their entry, and we will assist them.”

The winning entry (entries) will be chosen by a panel of three judges that includes well known industry internet marketing expert, John “The Hitman” Braun. The judges will be greatly influenced by the amount of likes and feedback that the idea receives on the Facebook page. The contest will start May 1st, 2012 and run through July 31st, 2012. All entries received during that time will be eligible. Judges will choose three winning entries for special prizes, including one $500 gift card.

For more information, the specific rules and procedures, and to participate in the contest, interested cleaners and restorers can simply go to the HydraMaster Facebook page ( or visit a special section at the company website: