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Housekeeper finds body parts

December 17, 2010
LOS ANGELES — What was a typical day for a housekeeper in a Los Angeles hotel turned into a real life nightmare, according to USA Today.
During a routine cleaning of a room at the Continental Hotel in Los Angeles, a housekeeper picked up a backpack left behind in a guest room and found body parts, the article stated.
The Los Angeles Times reported that the body of 49-year-old Herbert White was found on November 29 and was "cut up into five different parts — basically his limbs were removed," the article noted.
According to the article, a Pennsylvania couple has been charged with heinous crime and the Los Angeles district attorney issued a warrant for the couple''s arrest, charging them with capital murder involving torture.
Additional body parts were found wrapped in blankets underneath the bed, and a knife was found in the hotel room, the article added.
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