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Hospitality Facility Cleaning Case Studies

September 19, 2010
Featured Companies:
Sarah Fendley, owner of Big City Coffee in Boise, Idaho, has owned her own business for nearly 10 years. Her restaurant is a combination coffee house and breakfast/lunch restaurant. From 6 a.m. to 4 p.m., the restaurant is in constant motion with coffee addicts and hungry patrons looking for a warm cup of specialty joe or clearly the largest sandwich known to man. Sarah and her crew do not skimp when it comes to feeding their customers. Continue ProTeam''s Hospitality Facility Cleaning Case Study…
Windsor Industries
Soil prevention is a critical component of a floor care program. Furthermore, sweeping is a vital, and often overlooked, part of inhibiting soil intrusion into a facility. Soil buildup increases hard floor maintenance procedures such as burnishing, stripping and finishing — all of which take precious dollars away from your budget. Continue Windsor Industries'' Hospitality Facility Cleaning Case Study…

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