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Hospital workers complain of unsafe conditions

April 9, 2009
OAKLAND, CA — Workers at Alameda County''s Fairmont Hospital, represented by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 1021, held a rally yesterday to protest what they call unsafe working conditions, according to the Oakland Tribune.
One incident involved Lillie Ray, a six-year veteran at the hospital, being attacked by a patient with an infectious disease, the story stated.
According to the story, many workers are afraid of complaining about unsafe and potentially dangerous situations for fear of losing their jobs.
SEIU Local 1021 leaders claim that talks with the hospital about improving training and safety measures have produced no results, the story noted.
Valery Myers, a nurse at the hospital, said: "I can honestly say I felt safer working at a jail than I do here."
The rally drew roughly 30 attendees and was a chance to unveil a new whistle-blowers hot line for hospital workers to report unsafe conditions, the story added.
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