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Historic buildings get cleaned

February 23, 2009
BRONX, NY — Many historic buildings in Westchester Square were cleaned last week with the help of Graffiti Free NYC, a free service through the Community Affairs Unit of the Mayor''s Office, according to the Bronx Times Reporter.
The service uses a non-toxic and biodegradable chemical solution and a power washer to safely remove graffiti and other taggings from surfaces without causing damage, the story stated.
Joe Regina, secretary of the Westchester Square Merchants Association (WSMA), said: "We are continuing in our efforts to go forward with the revitalization of the Westchester Square businesses and surrounding community. We are going to any length to get as many people on this band wagon and start the steam roller forward for our vision of the future for this square."
Among the signed waivers giving permission for a building to be cleaned was the Huntington Free Library waiver which required extra personnel and a second Graffiti Free NYC truck to complete the task, the story noted.
According to Regina, WSMA plans to employ its own graffiti removal crew sometime in the very near future.
The city hopes graffiti removal and other beautification efforts will send a message to taggers and vandals that their actions will no longer be tolerated, the story added.
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