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High school rallies in support of Haitian janitors

January 21, 2010

ST. JOHNS, FL — Staff and students at Bartram Trail High School are rallying in support of 10 custodians at the school — all from Haiti, and all who have been touched by the recent earthquake in the country, according to First Coast News.

According to the story, Principal Brennan Asplen gathered the custodial staff to find out if they had heard any news about their families back home and to inform them of a school fundraiser to benefit the victims of the disaster.

Asplen explained: "We''re putting together a concert for Haiti. It will be here in the auditorium. We''re going to charge $5 per person. All the money will go to help Haiti."

Some of the staff has been directly impacted, including David Charles, whose parents both work as custodians at the school and who lost five family members in the earthquake, the story stated.

Charles, who left Haiti as a child, said: "That could have been me. If the Lord had not provided a door for me to leave, that could have been me homeless. That could have been me on the street."

Charles and his ministry, Solid Seed Inc., are gathering donations of medical supplies, water, food and clothes to take to Haiti in the coming months, the story added.

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