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High school invaded by dozens of bats

January 26, 2010

MONT BELVIEU, TX — Barbers Hill High School turned into the bat cave after as many as 52 winged rodents invaded the building, according to KHOU-TV.

According to the story, the school was in chaos Monday as students ran from the bats and maintenance workers rushed to round up all the pests and remove them from the building.

Grayson Long, a sophomore at Barbers Hill High School, said: “It almost hit me and someone else in the head.”

Extruder devices, allowing the bats to exit the building but not fly back in, were installed at the school, the story stated.

According to Mont Belvieu Independent School District Assistant Superintendent Gayle Woodall, the captured bats have been tested and none of them are diseased, the story noted.

Officials are still determining whether or not students will return to the building for classes today, the story added.

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