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Health benefits of carpet highlighted

February 16, 2012

RACINE, WI — Racine Industries has introduced a new executive overview highlighting the health benefits of carpeting, according to a press release.

Supported by extensive peer-reviewed research presented and published at the International Conferences on Indoor Air and Climate (ICIAQ), the full-color overview showcases studies that reveal that carpeting maintained using Racine''s HOST Dry Extraction System improves indoor air quality (IAQ) and reduces the number of airborne particulates and allergens, the release stated.

According to the release, the new information is particularly relevant in the wake of a recent CNN report highlighting the negative impact of poor IAQ on student learning.

"Consumers have long recognized the comfort and noise-reducing qualities of carpet, but rarely is carpet recognized for its health benefits," said Fritz Rench, chief executive officer (CEO) of Racine Industries.

"Our executive overview details years of research showing that carpet, when effectively maintained, can actually improve the IAQ in a facility. This can have tremendous benefits to building occupants — from improving learning conditions in schools to making it easier for patients to breathe in hospitals," Rench added.

The executive overview highlights several published and newly released field studies examining the use of carpet versus hard flooring material and the impact of an ongoing maintenance program on the reduction of allergens and dust mites, the release noted.

The research convincingly shows that, while normal vacuuming removes some of the mite allergens from the carpet, carpet that receives ongoing deep cleaning using a dry extraction system thoroughly removes dust mites and allergens from deep in the carpet, the release added.

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