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Hawaii green cleaning bill release

May 27, 2009
Hawaii state legislature has passed a green cleaning bill that has been sent to the governor for her signature, which would transform the measure into law.
Hawaii House Bill HB 1538 was amended significantly before its passage by both the State House and Senate in early May. As passed, the bill would require all public school facilities to "…give first preference, where feasible, to the purchase and use of environmentally sensitive cleaning and maintenance products that have been approved by the Green Seal program…"
HB 1538 would require the Hawaii Department of Health to maintain, for use by the public schools, a list of products that have been approved by Green Seal. In addition, in further developing the list of approved green cleaning products, the Department would be required to "…review and evaluate existing research regarding environmentally sensitive cleaning and maintenance products, including any research and guidance issued by the United States Environmental Protection Agency."
Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle has until July 15 to sign, veto or allow the measure to become law.
Consistent with past practices, the Governor’s office is reviewing all legislation that passed this session, including HB 1538, and is accepting comments on the bills before acting one way or another.