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GS-42 release

April 1, 2009
WASHINGTON - In response to the demand for GS-42 compliant programs and training to implement those programs leading to GS-42 Certification, a Training Accreditation Program (GS-42 TAP) is being developed. Stakeholder review will be open from April 1st - April 24th and all interested parties are encouraged to register and comment on draft documents.
The Green Seal Environmental Standard for Cleaning Services, GS-42, is the basis for a certification program designed to define, validate, and promote green cleaning programs of building service contractors (BSCs) and in-house service providers (ISPs). Since the standard''s issuance in 2006, the number of cleaning services striving to develop GS-42 compliant programs and achieve certification has grown, along with the number of groups and individuals training, or seeking to train, cleaning services to implement GS-42 practices and attain GS-42 Certification.
As a result, the GS-42 Training Accreditation Program (GS-42 TAP) has been developed to qualify and validate the trainers or training organizations that intend to assist cleaning services in becoming GS-42 Certified or in maintaining GS-42 Certification. The GS-42 TAP includes a review of training materials and trainers with the goal of providing a recognized, consistent approach to training to the GS-42 Standard, leading to GS-42 Certification. The accreditation that is available through this program is for the instructional materials, delivery of those materials, and the trainers delivering the program.
Examples of entities that may seek GS-42 Training Accreditation include:

. Consulting Groups and Consultants

. In-house Trainers and Instructors

. Outsource Trainers and Instructors

. JanSan Distribution Companies and Distributor Sales Reps (DSRs)
EcoMetrical, a non-profit organization specializing in the administration of environmentally-oriented data management programs, is authorized by Green Seal to develop and administer the GS-42 TAP. EcoMetrical is solely responsible for its decisions relating to the program and granting, maintaining, renewing, suspending, and withdrawing accreditation.
Beginning April 1st, EcoMetrical will release the draft GS-42 TAP criteria for review by industry stakeholders. Stakeholder review and comment will be open from April 1st - April 24th. Although GS-42 TAP is not a Green Seal Standard, the spirit of its development will be in harmony with the ISO procedures used for developing Green Seal life-cycle based standards, including the key characteristics of being independent, open, and transparent. For example, all interested parties are able to register for the GS-42 TAP development project and review and comment on draft documents.
To register to become a stakeholder in the GS-42 TAP development process,
visit: and open the GS-42 tab. To participate in the review process, you will need to Request an EcoMetrical username and password. They will be emailed to you.
The GS-42 Training Accreditation Program (GS-42 TAP) is expected to launch after the completion of the stakeholder review and comment period, potentially as soon as the first week of May 2009.