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GREENGUARD Launches New Blog

September 8, 2011

As part of its campaign to engage the public via social media, the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute is pleased to announce today the launch of its first-ever blog, "Certifiably Green."

The blog will cover topics related to indoor air quality, sustainable building and design, health and green living.

Each post will be written in an animated, conversational style and friendly tone of voice that breaks concepts down in an easy-to-understand manner.

The blog will also incorporate multimedia elements such as video and audio whenever possible.

Readers will be encouraged to post their own comments beneath each post and participate in online discussions.

"We''re extremely excited about our latest foray into the realm of web 2.0," says Henning Bloech, executive director of the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute. "The science of indoor air quality and chemical emissions is so technical and seemingly abstract that it can be very difficult for the average person to understand it. We hope to make this blog a fun and informative online destination that both educates and entertains visitors from all walks of life."

Boasting a slightly more whimsical aesthetic than its parent organization''s website, "Certifiably Green" does maintain GREENGUARD''s token green, orange and white color scheme and showcases the GREENGUARD certification marks on every page.

In addition, GREENGUARD''s consumer-oriented video displays prominently in the upper-right corner of every page.

To coincide with the onset of autumn and cooler weather, the blog''s inaugural post addresses the issue of home weatherization and its potential impact on indoor air quality.

To read it, log onto

Or, visit and click on the "Read Our New Blog" link on the homepage.