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Green Seal Developing New Environmental Standard

September 19, 2010

Green Seal Inc. is currently developing an Environmental Standard for Specialty Cleaning Products (GS-52).

This new standard incorporates product categories not covered in Green Seal''s widely referenced Environmental Standard for Industrial and Institutional Cleaners (GS-37).

The stringent health and environmental requirements of GS-37 will serve as a basis for the development of GS-52.

The new standard will also include criterion relating to performance, packaging and labeling.

The product categories proposed to be included in GS-52 standard are: General disinfectant cleaners, sanitizing cleaners, bio-based cleaners, metal cleaners, graffiti removers, boat cleaners, deck cleaners, car cleaners, oven cleaners and other cleaning products sold for specific uses not covered under GS-37.

The draft proposed standard is scheduled to be released for stakeholder comment by the end of June.

A final standard will be developed by December 2010.

Please direct any questions related to the GS-52 standard development process to

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