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Graffiti cleanup in Quebec

January 9, 2009
WESTMOUNT, Quebec, Canada — City crews and private contractors have steadily been busy cleaning graffiti in and around Westmount Park, according to The Westmount Examiner.
Public Works officials decided several months ago that they were going to adopt a more proactive approach to the graffiti problem; rather than wait for complaints, they devised a plan to canvas the area around the park and create a list of defaced property, the story stated.
Marianne Zalzal, interim director of the Westmount Public Works Department told The Examiner: "It''s hard for us … but we do have a contractor that does quite a bit of it. It depends on what it is. We''ll take care of our signs. We''ll take care of something simple that we can do. Our park benches or things like that which we have to repaint, we''ll take care of. But there are areas he''s better off doing because it''s special stone or whatever. He''s got the products to do it without causing damage.
Residents of the neighborhood are grateful of the city''s efforts, noting how disgraceful the taggings are, the story noted.
Despite recent sub-zero weather, the unsightly tags have continued appearing around town at a rate too quickly for cleaning crews to keep up with, the story added.
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