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Georgia-Pacific sues Proctor & Gamble for false advertising

March 31, 2009
ATLANTA — Brawny paper towel marketer Georgia-Pacific Corporation is suing Proctor & Gamble for falsely advertising "25 percent thicker quilts" on its Bounty paper towels, according to Advertising Age.
According to Georgia-Pacific, the quilts on Bounty''s paper towels may be thicker, but the paper towels themselves are at most 5 percent thicker, and in some cases, thinner than before.
A complaint was filed against Proctor & Gamble March 18 in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, the story stated.
Georgia-Pacific said: "Proctor & Gamble''s motivation for knowingly misleading the public, namely the single-minded effort to obtain greater sales and market share at any cost, is reflected in a long history of unfair competition and deceptive trade practices."
Georgia-Pacific is seeking a preliminary injunction to halt the Bounty ads and is asking for a nationwide recall of packaging bearing the "25 percent thicker quilts" claim, the story noted.
Georgia-Pacific is also seeking unspecified compensatory and punitive damages for profits Proctor & Gamble has made from the product, and triple damages due to "the willful nature of Proctor & Gamble''s false advertising," the story added.
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