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Gent-L-Kleen release

February 12, 2009
York, PA ¾ Founded in 1949 by C.E. Strickler, Jr., Gent-L-Kleen Products, Inc. celebrates its 60th Anniversary during 2009. Gent-L-Kleen manufactures quality hand care products at their plant located in York, Pennsylvania.
The company’s first product was a hand cleaner manufactured under the brand name “Strick." In 1952, major improvements were made to enhance the product’s cosmetic qualities and the name was changed to GENT-L-KLEEN®. Gent-L-Kleen’s early production was formulated in a 20-gallon, ceramic crock with a wooden paddle in the basement of Strickler’s home. This wooden paddle can now be found in the plant’s lobby showcase.
Over the years, Gent-L-Kleen has introduced additional hand cleaners, soaps, multi-purpose wipes, dispensing systems and other related products. New products and ideas are constantly being researched to improve the quality of the skin care offered and make additions to the Gent-L-Kleen line. More details about the company’s products and history can be found on their web site at