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FSPs, tenants: CIRI is working for you

September 19, 2010

The newly established, not-for-profit Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI) met in Chicago the first week of March to hammer out details for data that would provide value to facility owners and facility service providers (FSPs).

The Institute plans to offer the following 12 assets to this group:

  1. Recruitment practices from spending money on ineffective cleaning to being more efficient with current staff
  2. Protection against liability
  3. Ability to double building occupancy and, in effect, profit
  4. Opportunity to build on good reputation
  5. Cost avoidance, i.e. how to measure how well procedures fare
  6. Useful data for “working smart”
  7. A way to insure a bottom line through facets such as indoor air quality (IAQ) and indoor environmental quality (IEQ), smarter building operation costs, energy savings, and greater productivity
  8. Facility asset preservation
  9. Investment in premium services
  10. Best practices — which drive competition
  11. Less turnover of building occupants
  12. Sustainability of carpet

Satisfying an industry need
The group — which comprises a 26-member Steering Committee — set out to define the institute''s bylaws, structure, and membership requirements, and plans to forge enhanced, positive public perception about the health benefits and productivity increases due to the cleaning industry becoming a repository for research.

Guided by the CIRI Host Committee — Jim Harris, president, Concepts IV; Humphrey Tyler, president, NTP Media, which operates Cleaning Management Institute® (CMI); and Frank Wiley, president, Magnitude Marketing, representing Castle Rock Industries, Inc. — the one-day meeting of the minds showcased diverse industry professionals from educators to trainers, organization leaders, technical JanSan operators, founders and owners of manufacturers and building service contractor (BSC) firms, and more with one common goal: To strengthen the credibility of cleaning''s role in the lives of, among others:

  • Building owners
  • General public
  • Regulators and policy makers
  • Cleaning industry pros (contractors and in-house supervisors)
  • Cleaning industry trade associations

The Cleaning Industry Research Institute intends to be incorporated as a not-for-profit research institute by June.

The next meeting of the CIRI Steering Committee is scheduled for June 21-22 in Chicago.