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Frozen pets found at Oregon school

September 14, 2010
PORTLAND, OR — A janitor at a North Portland school was cleaning up a trailer on school property when he discovered the bodies of 17 pets in the freezer, according to the Digital Journal.
The dead, frozen pets were found in a rarely used trailer at Ockley Green School, the article noted.
According to the article, inside one of the garbage bags with the dead animals was a note saying: "Jeremiah, I love you, I''m sorry you died, I pray you''re happy. Rest in paradise love always."
Principal Conrad Hurdle phoned a long-time volunteer who admitted that the animals were her pets and had died of natural causes; she said it was difficult to find a place to bury them and too painful to part with them.
Police spoke with the volunteer, but since the animals died of natural causes and were not abused, she was not cited, but was let go from her volunteer position at the school, the article stated.
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