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From the eyes of a window washer

June 4, 2010
CHICAGO — As a kid, Michael Kelly loved to go rock climbing. Today he scales the largest buildings in Chicago, making them shine window by window. But Michael isn''t your ordinary window washer. He carries an SLR camera, snapping images of the world most of us never get to see, according to Chicago Now.
He got the idea when he started showing friends and relatives his cell phone shots. They recommended he upgrade to a better camera. The results are breathtaking images he began uploaded to a Flickr account, the article stated.
Given that he''s 60 stories off the ground, Michael is privy to sections of architecture most of us never get to see, the article noted.
According to the article, he''s photographed Gargoyles that have been lurking over the city for 100 years, revealing their weathered facade from a century''s worth of Chicago storms.
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