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Friday's Ask the Experts: Finding accounts

May 4, 2012

Friday''s Ask the Experts question from a cleaning professional on the International Custodial Advisors Network (ICAN) "Ask the Experts" page: How I can find building cleaning accounts?

The answer:

There are many effective way to find accounts and expand your business, here''s a look at some common options:
1. Make cold calls and leave a brochure and business card. This approach works quite well. “I want to ask your manager if I could leave a free cleaning proposal. It would serve as a back up bid just in case your cleaning people quit.”
2. Phone prospects from a target account list available on-line from the Denver library or from Info USA. Use a script that offers a free estimate. Consider hiring and training your own telemarketer.
3. Join a leads exchange club. There are several to pick from in most cities.
4. Network with general contractors, commercial realtors, owners of the various building trades, and with the staff of local janitorial supply firms. Make sure ... — Gary Clipperton, president of National Pro Clean Corp.

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