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Frequently asked questions about carpet cleaning

September 19, 2010

Q. How does a company become interested in carpet cleaning equipment?

A. The type of company or facility will determine why one becomes interested.

If it is a cleaning service company, the owners may be interested due to customer requests for carpet care or their desire to diversify the company’s current service areas.

If the company is not in the cleaning service business or you are an in-house facility director, one could be interested for a number of reasons, such as newly installed carpet, recent remodeling or moving into a new facility.

By routinely cleaning carpet, a company or a facility director can enhance or improve the company or facility’s image and have a positive impact on the health and well-being of the employees or residents of the building.

Today’s carpet cleaning equipment comes in all styles and sizes and is designed to meet the challenge presented by the facilities you clean regardless of what type of carpet cleaning method you use.

Q.Why clean carpet?

A. Carpet can be a big investment. By implementing a routine carpet maintenance program, an individual or company can protect that investment and prolong the life of the carpet.

Also, by protecting the carpet, money is saved due to the longer life of the carpet, which minimizes the need for replacement.

Another reason to clean carpet is its contribution to a healthier indoor environment.

The bottom line is that a clean carpet is a healthy carpet.

Q. Which carpet cleaning method/carpet cleaning equipment should you choose?

A. Many professionals are considering a dry carpet-cleaning method as an alternative to bonnet (pad), dry foam, shampoo or hot water extraction due to dry carpet cleaning’s many benefits.

Dry carpet-cleaning can be used on any type of carpet, both residential and commercial and it is very simple to use with tailored carpet cleaning equipment.

A major benefit of dry carpet-cleaning is the finished result. Once the cleaning procedure is finished, the carpet is dry and ready to be returned to service.

This is especially beneficial to facilities that are open 24/7, such as hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hotels and motels.

Many other facilities like the convenience of being able to clean an area and return to service quickly. Facilities such as airports, casinos, schools, universities, sport facilities and convention centers, as well as homeowners, benefit from this quick turnaround.

Geoff Greeley is the director of training at Racine Industries, the developers of HOST®.