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Fred Myers release 1.5

January 5, 2011
Fred Hockenburry works as a Grade 10 custodian for Patsy DelBaggio in District 21. But, what you might not know is that Fred is also a Nashville Recording Artist. I should say, Fred Myers is a Nashville Recording Artist, because that’s Fred’s stage name. Fred has been singing country music for well over a decade, but it was just last year that he recorded a full CD in Nashville. His CD, entitled “Wild For You,” is featured on such well known music sites as iTunes,, and Napster. Fred also plays live at events like fairs, festivals, weddings, reunions, and country music nights. Fred plans on touring Central PA and beyond next year when the summer concert season kicks in. Fred “Myers” has an online fan base on sites like MySpace, facebook, and Twitter. You can hear Fred’s CD, follow his success, and purchase his music on the following sites:
Official Website: