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Frank Gehry defends his criticism of LEED

June 17, 2010
WASHINGTON — A few months ago, legendary American architect Frank Gehry ruffled many green feathers by declaring that green architecture and sustainable design are "political" and that Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification is often given for "bogus stuff"; this week he sat down with Need to Know to explain what he really thinks about green building, the LEED certification process and the future of sustainable architecture, according to Inhabitat.
While the LEED system may have its flaws, there is no doubt that it has led to businesses investing in green design and making companies care more about their carbon footprint — something that is increasingly important to politicians as well as the public, the article noted.
In his interview, Gehry stated how surprised he was by the negative reactions to his comments about LEED saying, "I wasn''t saying what they reported I said. I never said I was opposed to the LEED program or to green building — I''m not."
"I think [global warming] is a crisis, we''re led to believe that by our scientists who seem to have a pretty good idea of what’s going on, so we have to address it if we want to survive on this planet. Of course there are also some people making hay out of it and using the issue for financial gain, but green building is clearly something architects need to be concerned with," Gehry said.
According to Gehry, there are other ways to encourage green building: In Switzerland, the LEED program is not used, instead the government just says this is what you can and can''t do, and things have to be built in a sustainable way. So really it’s a political thing: People taking responsibility on an individual level combined with government programs that give mandates that say "this is how we''re going to require people to build."
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