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Former Chrysler manager turned head custodian

September 18, 2009
ROCHESTER HILLS, MI — The head custodian at Stoney Creek High School is still assimilating to his new position after losing his job as product-development manager at Chrysler''s tech center in nearby Auburn Hills, according to the Wall Street Journal.
Dave Duncanson, whose day now begins at 4 p.m., had tried to land a teaching job with Rochester Community Schools only to find out that his teaching degree had long expired, prompting him to take the only position the district could offer him: Substitute janitor making $10 an hour, the story stated.
According to the story, Duncanson was quickly promoted to head custodian and now earns $15.05 an hour with benefits and a pension.
One year after the layoffs began at Chrysler, many of Duncanson''s former co-workers are still out of work and have no steady income, health care coverage or retirement benefits; Duncanson has all three, the story noted.
Despite only making one-third of his previous salary at Chrysler, Duncanson has lost 25 pounds since leaving his desk job, lowered his cholesterol enough to cease taking medication and has taught his daughters the value of a hard day''s work, the story added.
Duncanson said: "At first, I just wanted to do something to bring in money. I figured things would bounce back, [but they didn''t.] I sweep floors. I mop bathrooms. I clean up puke. Well, yeah, it hurt. But every dollar counts."
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