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Floor Care Product Showcase

September 19, 2010
Featured Companies:
Betco CleanMaster Sanitaire O''Dell Corporation
ProTeam Spartan Tennant Company Windsor

Genie APS — goes anywhere a mop and bucket can go!

Betco''s Genie APS is the most compact and versatile battery automatic scrubber available. Designed to go anywhere a mop and bucket can go, the Genie brings the benefits of automatic scrubbing to small and congested areas. The Genie effectively and efficiently deep cleans a wide variety of floor types including VCT, resilient, grouted tile, textured and concrete. There are virtually no limits to where the Genie can be used to enhance a floor cleaning program. Features include an onboard charger, maintenance-free gel battery, hands-free brush installation/removal, and quick disassembly for storage and transport. Combine with Betco Green Earth products for a cleaner and healthier environment.

The CMX-20 from CleanMaster

While CleanMaster''s CMX-20 is best known for revolutionizing rotary carpet cleaning, new brush attachments make transitioning from cleaning carpeted surfaces to hard-surface cleaning easier than ever before. It takes only seconds to spin off the Carpet Extraction Head and spin on a new Hard Surface Head. The Light-Duty Hard Floor Brush cleans stone, slate, terrazzo, tile or sealed concrete floors. The Medium-Duty Hard Floor Brush cleans stone, slate, terrazzo, tile or concrete floors, and is also ideal for one-step stripping of resilient floors. The Heavy-Duty Hard Floor Brush is for aggressive scrubbing of concrete and aggressive stripping of resilient floors.

Sanitaire offers a powerful dual-motor vacuum

Sanitaire has introduced a powerful, highly versatile dual-motor vacuum cleaner as the new top-tier offering from its commercial lineup. Called DuraLux® from Sanitaire, the cleaner was developed after extensive research to determine the needs of professionals in health care, education, hotels, restaurants, government, and contract facilities where cleaning requirements and durability are most demanding.

The DuraLux cleaner offers a number of exclusive features, including sealed HEPA filtration and an extra large, clog-free intake, to easily handle paper clips, toothpicks and other clog-prone items. It is available with an on-board telescopic metal wand with a permanently attached, retractable brush so there is no chance of misplacing attachments.
O''Dell Corporation

EchoMop™ Wet Mop - made of recycled PET plastic

The O''Dell Corporation''s EchoMop™ looped-end wet mop is manufactured of 30 percent post-consumer material. EchoMop is constructed of durable EarthSPUN™ yarn, made from recycled PET plastic soda bottles. Recycling in the manufacturing process can reduce the need for refined petrochemicals and new polymers, which makes a positive reduction in green house gases.

Teamed up with our Bamwood handles, constructed of bamboo and reclaimed hardwood, the EchoMop makes a great new addition to any green cleaning program.

Super QuarterVac® HEPA: High power and efficient filtration in a smaller size

The Super QuarterVac® HEPA by ProTeam®, the smaller yet equally powerful sibling of the Super CoachVac® backpack vacuum, is now available with a High Efficiency Particulate Air filtration system. Its six-quart certified HEPA filter capacity, along with an advanced Four Level® Filtration system, are up to 99.97 percent effective at capturing mold, bacteria and other air pollutants measuring .3 micron and larger. The compact size ergonomically suits smaller workers and is designed to clean mid-sized facilities. A three-year warranty on parts, labor and motor, along with a lifetime warranty on the body, comes standard.

Spartan BioRenewables product line

BioRenewables by Spartan is an innovative product line based on ingredients derived from agricultural and forestry materials, such as soy, corn and coconut.

The line includes a 72 percent biobased multi-purpose cleaner, an 81 percent biobased glass cleaner, an 81 percent ready-to-use biobased glass cleaner, an 83 percent biobased restroom cleaner, a ready-to-use 53 percent biobased graffiti remover, a 53 percent biobased water-rinsable industrial degreaser, as well as 80 percent biobased waterless hand cleaners.
Tennant Company

Leave just-scrubbed floors immediately safe with Nobles®

The Nobles® Speed Scrub 17- or 20-inch Walk-Behind Automatic Scrubber with optional FaST™ technology is a rugged, reliable, effective, and easy-to-use commercial scrubber from Tennant that leaves just-scrubbed floors immediately clean and safe anytime and every time.

The Speed Scrub 17-20 includes non-corroding cast aluminum scrub decks and squeegee frames, a compact body design for superior maneuverability, a quiet operating sound level of just 68.5 dBA, a 10.5-gallon capacity solution tank, and a 15-gallon recovery tank. When used with FaST technology, the Speed Scrub 17-20 provides up to 21,400 square feet of estimated actual cleaning coverage per hour.

The Clipper DUO from Windsor

Windsor introduces the Clipper DUO, a carpet extractor that offers deep restorative and encapsulating interim cleaning processes in one machine.

The encapsulating interim cleaning process encapsulates the soil in micro-crystals that are non-sticky and won''t attract more soil. It also extends the time before re-soiling and is dry and ready for traffic in 20 minutes. With the simple change of a dial, the deep restorative mode uses its powerful vacuum system to extract soil and solution fast and efficiently.

The Clipper DUO also features an easy-to-use control panel, dual counter-rotating brushes for thorough cleaning, and a soft grip Flip-N-Go handle for efficient operation.

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