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September 19, 2010
Featured Companies:
Betco Corporation CleanMaster®

When a national retailer challenged Betco to get their store personnel home faster from scrub and recoat jobs, not only did Betco''s Corporate Accounts team accept the challenge but they delivered amazing time and money saving results.

Flooring in department stores and other retail storefronts can prove to be a challenge — especially when there are several different floor types. We have seen many improvements in high-production hard-surface cleaning over the past few years, but cleaning carpet traffic lanes and entryway mats have continued to be major problems.

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Enviro-Solutions ProTeam

As green cleaning products continue to sweep through our industry, the transfer from conventional to environmentally preferable floor care products is of particular concern.

The recent green cleaning phenomenon has typically been depicted as a movement towards recycled paper, non-toxic cleaning chemicals, and other sustainable product innovations. So how do vacuums fit in?

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Tennant Company Core Products

The École Polytechnique Montreal is a leading international engineering university that strives to promote technological and economic development while positively influencing society. The school''s Claudette-MacKay-Lassonde and Pierre-Lassonde buildings demonstrate a clear commitment to this vision.

For hospitals, moving to green cleaning is generally more of a priority than it is for office buildings or even schools. After all, there are really sick people in hospitals, and avoiding unnecessary exposures to potentially toxic chemicals is in line with the ancient medical maxim, "First, do no harm."

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