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Flood damage causes man to camp in yard

April 17, 2009
ALBANY, GA — After extensive flood damage led to mold growth in his home, Kenny Freeman has had to find alternative living situations, according to WALB-TV.
He stayed in hotel rooms for some time, but after no longer being able to afford that, he has resorted to staying in a tent in his front yard, complete with a fan, a television and an outdoor kitchen, the story stated.
Freeman said: "[My house] is just unlivable, unbearable. We have no more money to go anywhere else and this is our home away from home at home. There''s no way you could live in here, you would probably get a disease. We''ve probably spent $1,000 just in hotels and food, and this is a lot cheaper than the hotel."
Anyone with flood damage should take pictures of the interior and exterior of their homes and keep receipts of what they spend to repair the damage for insurance and federal aid purposes, the story noted.
Freeman has ripped out the carpet throughout his home and is tackling the sheetrock next as he awaits word on whether or not President Obama will declare Dougherty County a Presidential disaster so he can apply for financial assistance, the story added.
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